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SMS offers more than just testing; we aim to understand and contribute to your business, as a partner. Whether you are a small local business, such as a family farm, or  multi-national, we can offer tailored trouble shooting and consultancy services to suit your requirements.  We work closely with you to understand and advise, whether your interest is in manufactured goods, raw products and ingredients, environmental issues, screening, monitoring or training. 

On-Site Microbiological Hygiene Training

SMS can provide hands on training for Hygiene Managers and Supervisors directly involved in the management of hygiene in the food industry. We can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of food microbiology in the production environment, current information on both established and emerging food pathogens and advice on spoilage microorganisms.  We can offer practical demonstrations of both traditional and rapid methods for hygiene monitoring.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

We can help in the development and implementation of HACCP systems to ensure that the Critical Control Points (CCPs) within your operation are identified and controlled. We can also provide independent validation on your existing systems.

Training and Consultancy

We can provide a variety of training and consultancy services such as basic microbiological awareness training and hand hygiene training. We can also provide bespoke training packages tailored to your specific industry requirements.

Crisis Management

Sometimes unidentified issues can affect the quality of your product, resulting in spoilage, contamination and even recall. SMS are experienced in crisis management and can provide a rapid response investigation to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Shelf Life (Food) Testing

We can assist in setting up a shelf-life determination, establishing a test protocol for your product and facilitate testing to your requirements.

Trend Analysis

We provide our clients with raw results data, enabling personalised review and trend analysis.

Tailored Research Projects

Whether you are developing a new product or process, we can undertake non-routine research projects and develop protocols tailored to your requirements.

Other Services

Listeria and Hygiene Management

Best Practice Manufacturing Consultancy

Support to the Drinks Industry, including Decontamination Trials on Rinsers

Listeria Challenge Testing

Covid-19 Surface and Air Monitoring

Bioaerosol Testing from Composting Sites

Probiotic Testing

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